Activities and recreation

Activities and recreation

In the surroundings of Hotel Krek there are many agencies and other providers of sports and recreational activities of almost any kind, e.g. canoeing, adrenaline parks, skiing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, ice-skating (Bled Sports Hall), ice-hockey and roller hockey, caving, paintball, dancing, diving, rowing, gambling (Casino Tivoli Lesce and Casino Bled), horse riding, carriage driving, tennis, mini golf (Camping Šobec), …

We would like to present you some sports, for which our municipality of Radovljica is famous:


The city of Radovljica is known for its internationally famous swimmers and welcomes recreational and professional swimmers in its Olympic pool, more information on

Mountaineering and trekking

Visiting the mountains and hills is beneficent to everyone's health and mental balance. Mountains are a place where people meet friendly, joyful and positively oriented individuals – not without a reason. There is still oasis of peace and tranquillity in the mountains. For tours of all levels of difficulty we provide professional support and guidance. We can tailor any tour according to your needs and abilities.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is an interesting activity – a combination of knowledge, intuition and abilities. It demands physical strength, but at the same times a sense of coordination, balance, persistence and ingenuity. We can draw parallels between climbing and our day-to-day life and work. When the going gets tough, we can gain help and support from friends and colleagues. So this sport is often a part of team building programmes.


Biking is a very popular and appealing sport activity. Combined with idyllic environment, good company and local cuisine, it makes a winning combination. Downhill oriented mountain biking is for those, who enjoy adrenaline rush and speed. Your guide will customise and prepare each tour separately, according to your wishes and level. At the hotel reception we can make an appointment with a guide and provide cycling maps. You can view a cycling map for Radovljica and Bled at this link (pdf).


Rivers literally represent streams of life for a country. The cleaner the network of rivers is, the healthier the nature, with all its wild life. Rivers make the country green and provide home for many animals, but also allow for numerous activities, such as rafting. Rafting offers a mixture of power, coordination, team work, joy, and lots of unforgettable spraying fun to any active group or team. For reservations please ask at the reception, there are various providers and locations.

Parachuting, paragliding, gliding and aviation

All of you, who always seek new perspectives of the world, will love paragliding or parachuting. Either a flat start or plane drop - it always takes courage but is very rewarding  in the end. Unlimited views, indescribable feelings! For those who prefer a little less adrenaline, a panoramic flight with a motor plane is more suitable. For more information and reservations please contact the Alpine aviation centre (ALC) Lesce (only in Slovene). They also offer gliding courses.


Riding benefits the relaxation of body and soul and allows to forget about work and everyday life. Those who need to learn the basics of riding, will make their first experiences on horse-back in the riding arena. It depends on the speed of learning how quickly you will move on to the open country. Experienced riders can immediately set off for long and diversified paths and meadows in the Lipnica Valley, the Sava Valley, the Jelovica mountain range, the Triglav National Park, the Radovna Valley or the surroundings of the Bohinj Lake. The closest riding center is less than 2 km away: Equestrian Club Lesce-Bled at Hipodrom Lesce.


Golf courses are situated only 2 km from hotel Krek. Bled golf courses are characterized by its unique location in the vicinity of the highest Slovenian mountain and beautiful nature that surrounds it. It belongs to the most beautiful courses in central Europe. For more information and reservation please visit their website


The Slovenian landscape is enriched by many rivers, springs, waterfalls, mountains and valleys, natural and artificial lakes. The vicinity of the Sava River and Lake Bled offers many fishing opportunities. Slovenia is proud of its 31 fishing clubs; our hotel is closest to the fishing districts Radovljica and Bled.

We are proud to say that the quality of our waters is still sufficient for successful and economically viable breeding and releasing of the river trout. During hunting season it is allowed to catch catfish, pike, carp and trout in the Ribno Pond and Lake Bled. In the river Sava Bohinjka you may catch a grayling, brook trout and rainbow trout. For fishing licenses please contact the reception or the shop Fauna Bled


lake Bled is also great for diving! Book courses and dives at



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